Getting paid. 5 winning strategies for painless collecting in Freelance Web Development projects

At the end of the day, it’s money on your account that pays the bills. Here's some advice how to efficiently collect money for your projects. Everyone who has worked a day as a Freelancer knows that getting paid for accomplished projects is often an issue. A successful web professional needs to only to know how to get new jobs or develop quality websites, but also how to collect money. And the truth is, that many freelancers are bad at collecting. Continue Reading

5 Myths That Prevent Freelance Web Developers From Making More Money

Get to know the obstacles for increasing income from web freelancing and how to overcome them based on my experience as a Freelancer and an agency principal.

Freelancers have a limited amount of time, so the only way to increase income is to get more money for every hour they spend working. This is where recurring income comes in handy, as it limits time spent on selling and collecting. Website maintenance is a perfect example of such recurring service. Additionally, it can be automated which makes maintenance far more profitable than building new websites. Continue Reading

Keep Your Website Updated to Stop Hacks

At Sucuri, we specialize in cleaning hacked websites. Our Incident Response Team cleans hundreds of websites every day, sending samples and statistics to our research team. The analysis of these incidents helps us gather valuable information about how websites get hacked.

Outdated website software is responsible for the highest number of malware removal tickets we see. In our latest Hacked Website Report (2016-Q2), over half of WordPress websites and 86% of hacked Joomla sites that we cleaned were out of date in some way. Continue Reading

Perfect Dashboard in 2016: 5 things we have learned

Some stories on implementing American way of thinking to Polish startup reality.

From many points of view 2016 was a fascinating year for Perfect Dashboard. Our MRR has increased by 900% (December to December), our team has doubled, and we have closed seed round financing with both Polish & US investors on board. Of course, there were some difficult moments too, for example, when we were struggling to find the right messaging or a scalable sales channel. Continue Reading