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As you are probably aware, Joomla! 3.4 was released by the end of February. We are happy to announce that one of our best-selling Joomla! modules, the Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form is fully compatible with the newest Joomla! CMS version.

What is more, with the new frontend module editing capabilities customising your contact form has never been easier.

Once you install Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form in the backend, you will need to go to [Extensions] → [Module Manager], and then create a new module with the type “Perfect AJAX Popup Contact Form”.

If you choose to set the Layout property to either Accordion or Static, and choose a Position that is visible in the frontend (i.e. not debug) while creating said module, you can edit all of its settings from the frontend. Alternatively, you could also choose to use the Slide in Box or Lightbox window layout, and a visible position, but then a default template will generate a module container in the chosen position, resulting in an out of place box. That, however, will depend on your Joomla! template—some of them do not display boxes around modules.

To edit your contact form from the frontend, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login in the frontend with a an account that has administrative privileges
  2. Hover over the module position and click the button that will appear
  3. You now have the access to the same module settings as you would in the backend:
  4. Once done with changing things around, simply click [Save & Close]
It really is that simple ;)