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If you try to paint a picture of a spring cleaning you'll probably think of washing carpets and curtains, polishing furniture or even some paintwork. But how about your WordPress website? Isn’t it a prefect time to remove cobwebs, get rid of stains and make your website shine again? But don’t worry, we want leave you alone with this work. Throughout April we’ll provide you with some useful tips on how to perfect your website this spring in no time and still have some energy saved to polish your silverware and sweep your floors.

WordPress Spring Cleaning list

  1. We’ll start with some advice on how to improve your page speed without any development work. This should improve the number of users visiting your website as well as your Google search rank.
  2. Secondly we’ll focus on backup. This may not sound fascinating but believe, you will thank yourself for checking it in advance when you lose a blog post that you’ve been working for a long time.
  3. The next thing we’ll disscuss is improving your visibility in search ranks. It’s all about how your WordPress website is seen by people before they actually pay you a visit. I’m talking about some SEO tips as well as dead links analysis (those generating 404 error).
  4. And finally we would like to attract your attention to importance of keeping your WordPress and installed plugins up-to-date as this ensure maximum safety and give you access to new cool features.

Every week will publish a new post on blog so stay tuned or just follow our page on Facebook or Twitter. First one is coming next week.

When you finish your website spring cleaning don’t forget to share the results with us. Use #perfectspringcleaning for that purpose.