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We can proudly announce the release date of Perfect YouTube Integration and Perfect Vimeo Integration for Joomla! With those extensions displaying a video in lightbox anywhere you want will be a matter of seconds.

Perfect YouTube/Vimeo Integration for Joomla will do the magic for you

It makes displaying a video on your website fast, easy, and efficient. Everyone knows that it’s not a rocket science. But it’s not about just addng a video, it’s about making it really visible for every visitor.

perfect youtube integration backend 2

Our extensions gives you a possibility to highlight your content and display it in lightbox or other visible way anywhere you want. Setting it up is quicker than a New York minute. Moreover you don’t need to fear that a video on you website will stop working when YouTube/Viemeo API changes or Joomla! issues an update as our extensions is are constantly tested and updated. And you can personalise it with over 20 unique themes, animations, and visual effects.

perfect youtube integration backend

Why do you may need a video on your Joomla! website?

Numerous research has proven that including video in a website increases user engagement and conversion rate. Dropbox, for example, is believed to increase conversion rates by over 10% by introducing a video on their webiste. Other available case studies suggest higher increase in number that varies from 32% to even 86%. It’s all about drawing attention. An average user will spend less then 10 seconds on your Joomla! website looking for something interesting on it. That is why, it is crucial to display a video in a visible place, so that everyone can see it within their attention span.


How much will it cost?

Pricing will be revealed soon, but I can tell that it will be cheaper than one latte per month.

When they are going to be released?

Both extensions will be published on our website and submitted to Joomla! Extensions Directory in a week time, on Tuesday, May 26th 2015.

How can I get notified?

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