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J and Beyond, one of the biggest Joomla! events, is just about to start. For the next 3 days I will have an opportunity to meet many Joomla! influencers. I will provide you with any useful tips & tricks to get your website more attractive for your users I will hear during sessions and behind the scenes. Here’s the most important issues, that I can’t wait to discuss.

  1. Usability. No matter how big Joomla fun you are, you must admit that Joomla! compared to other CMS is rather complex tool. Many non-experienced users find it simply to difficult to use and switch to other tools or refuse to use it at all. Sander Potjer is having a presentation that I hope will address this issue.
  2. Attention. To get your voice heard you need to attract people attention. „How to get people to (actually) read your content”, by Joomla! co-founder Brian Teeman, looks like a perfect occasion to hear some new ideas on this crucial issue.
  3. Page speed. Everybody knows that the faster the website, the more traffic it gets (especially from Google). I’ll see what Robert Castley has to say about increasing Joomla! page speed and let you know.
  4. Security. Another never ending story. But it’s always good to know what are the most current security threats for Joomla!. "A Review Of The Security Best Practices And Malware Variants Affecting Joomla Users Testing” by Peter Grammantik seems to be an excellent choice to catch up with Joomla! security trends.
  5. Testing website every time after changes. It’s a nightmare when improvements in one part of website make another part stop working. That is why I’ll surely listen carefully to Javer Gomez lecture titled "How To Automate A Browser That Tests Your Web Or Joomla Extension”.
  6. Future of Joomla!. The internet and the way we use technology is changing. Joomla! is not a lonely island and is affected by this changes. So I’m very curious what Tony Perez has to say about it.

Of course there are many more interesting speeches and I won’t be able to go to every presentation on J and Beyond, but whenever I will hear something worth spreading I’ll post it immediately on Twitter, so follow @PerfectforJoomla if you are interested.