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All Perfect Popup Box users can upgrade to Everything in Everyway for free receiving plugins and themes that are paid for others. Here's how to do it.

Backup first

No matter we put a lot effort in testing how this upgrade works there may be some rare cases where there will be some problems, as every Joomla installation is a bit different and may use different extensions. That is why doing a backup first is highly advisable. If you don’t have a backup tool we recommend using Akeeba Backup.

Download Everything in Everyway

To get the update package simply go to My subscription panel on our website and look for "Popup Box Upgrade for Joomla". If you lost you unique link or login credentials go to this page

Install upgrade

To install upgrade log in to your Joomla backend. Go to Extension Manager and install package you just downloaded. All your Perfect Popup Box module instances would be transformed into Everything in Everyway modules, but all the content and setting will be preserved. 

Make future updates easy

To safe your time and improve your security we improved the update mechanism. Now you will be able to update this extension directly from your Joomla backend without going do our website and downloading update packages. To do that copy Download ID which you can see in "My subscription” panel on our website and paste it into Download ID field in Advanced tab of any of your Everything in Everyway module.

Having problems?

Then contact our support team on this page.