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J and Beyond - one of the biggest Joomla! events - is just over. Here are some highlights on the most useful advices for website owners and website developers.

  1. What are top security threads for Joomla!. Watch these talks by Tony Perez and Peter Grammantik for more details.
  2. Using Plugins to amend Joomla! or it's extensions is even more powerful than I thought. Here's a nice talk by Radek Suski on that.
  3. Your website is never fast enough
    Watch full talk by Robert Castley on J and Beyond about tricks to increase website page speed.
  4. Gettning users attention may be tricky Watch these talks by Yves Koekkoek, Sander Potjer & Brian Teeman for more details.

What I didn't learn?

I still don't know when Joomla! 4.0  is going to be released.

Interested in some more Joomla! talks?

Then watch Christian Heilmann and Nic Dionysopoulos keynotes as they really rocks.