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Read how marchgolfclub.co.uk website migrated to Everything in Everyway from it’s predecessor. Were there any problems? Here's a full story.

In last 2 weeks more than 15% of current Perfect Popup Box users decided to migrate to Everything in Everyway. One of them, Stephan who manage marchgolfclub.co.uk website, agreed to share his experience with us. 

Why you decided to use Perfect Popup Box in the first place?

Perfect Popup Box met our needs because we wanted to highlight to our members various pieces of information without relying on members randomly accessing menus. The sidebar "flashes" instantly draws people's attention when visiting the site.

What type of content do you display in Popup or Slide-in?

We display items such as our Monthly Diary, Membership Fees and Social Events. 

Do you have any comment from your users about it? 

Without prompting, several members have said how useful they find the Popup Box in order to gain rapid access to useful and important information.

upgrade perfect popup box

Were there any problems during migration from Perfect Popup Box?

There were some minor problems, but these were encountered at the very early stages of the migration to Everything in Everyway. I was very impressed with the prompt and courteous way in which the problems were ameliorated by the support team. Superb customer relations.

Do you see any advantages from upgrading Perfect Popup Box to Perfect Everything in Everyway?

Yes, the added flexibility offered by the upgrade and the future potential of the the module is significant. It is a very impressive piece of software.

upgrading perfect popup box

Do you have any experience with Everything in Everyway you would like to share? Put it in comments below or contact us directly.