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Joomla and it’s extensions are all open source. Then why do I have to pay for Joomla modules or plugins? Here’s a brief explanation.

You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to.

Downloading Joomla extensions from torrents is legal.

All Joomla extensions available on Joomla Extensions Directory are subject to GPL licence, which means that you don’t have to pay for using the software. Once you get the code from the developer's website, your friend or from a torrent service, it’s ok for you to install it on your own website or even use it in commercial projects.

It’s just dangerous.

When downloading Joomla extensions from unknown source, you can never be sure what your are actually installing on your website. It’s like putting a lock that you found on the street on your front door without thinking who else can have the keys to it. For example, 2 years ago we found on torrents a version of Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form for Joomla with a secret backdoor that allowed a hacker to get full control over a website once it was installed. And it was made in such a way, that even for us, it was’t easy to discover where the malicious code was inserted.

What do you really buy while purchasing Joomla extensions?

You buy safety...

As said before, the code is free and you can use it freely without paying anyone. But only when you download it from the developer’s website you can be sure it’s safe and there is no backdoor code inserted. So, you do not pay for a Joomla extension, but for a safe download from a trusted source.

... and support.

That’s another thing that you usually get for the price you pay. And most people actually use it. For example, more than half of our clients return with some support questions, even though our extensions are one of the most intuitive and easy ones on the market.
To sum it up, you don't have to pay for any Joomla Extensions. But it often pays off to have access to a safe download and helpful support.


„Do I have to pay for Open Source software? You don’t. But sometimes it pays off."

„Downloading Joomla extensions from torrents is legal, it’s just dangerous. Think of backdoors.”

„Download from a trusted source and support is what you are really paying for."