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Perfect Everything in Everyway plug-in is the answer to any and all the problems you may have had with a vibrant and effective presentation of important content on your Joomla! website. Thanks to the extensive settings we have full control over the content's appearance and behaviour.

If I was to summarise how this plug-in configuration works, it would be like this:

  1. We choose the style of presentation before the content itself is opened.
  2. Then we choose the style of presentation after opening the content.
  3. We choose the content.
  4. Finally, we choose a theme that will determine the appearance of the content.

Every step is completely customisable. In my opinion, the configuration itself is perfectly visible in the control panel and is quite clear to the user. The most exciting for me, is the large number of settings, giving us virtually unlimited possibilities of creating forms of presentation for important content.

Among the available sources of content we have articles and modules, as well as interactive elements such as maps, video clips or our own HTML code. The option that allows putting in modules in itself ensures that when it comes to choosing the content, our possibilities are nearly limitless.

Speaking as a developer, the sheer number of effects and possible combinations is also very exciting. Putting in those kind of elements always took me a lot of work and I've nearly always had to correct something afterwards, taking into consideration comments and needs of the users – thanks to this plug-in we just have to type everything in and then we can forget about putting the elements in on our own, focusing on the final effect instead. I think that thanks to the available themes and their configuration settings there will be, in most cases, no need for creating additional CSS code to fit the appearance of the plug-in within the template used or the changes needed will be minute.

The Perfect Everything in Everyway plug-in is amazingly customisable, easy to use and most importantly, comes in handy in a great number of situations. It saves us a lot of time when working on our website, allowing us to spend it on, for example, better arrangement of content or choosing the way our users will access it.

Tomasz Dziuda - lead developer at GavickPro. Joomla! and WordPress enthusiast. He enjoys movies, board games and most anything creative, especially Lego. Read full bio at GavickPro website or find him on Twitter.