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Perfect for WordPress proudly presents Decorations for Occasions, our newest WordPress Plugin. Celebrate the most important events with your internet community.

 Before the internet era, if you wanted to express joy or commemorate something important so that others could see, you could simply decorate your house or throw a party. But nowadays our relationships and interactions are moving towards the internet. It's internet where people increseingly socialise and it's where communities meet more and more often.

Decorate your WordPress like you would decorate your home
Decorations for Occasions is a modern way to share your joy and commemorate important occasions. With this plugin you can display a decoration on WordPress for over 200 different kinds of events. 

decorations for occasions independence day

More occasions than you can think of
The variety of occasions is huge. You can decorate your WordPress for Halloween, New Year or Christmas, but you will also find less know occasions such as Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, System Administrator Day or International Homeless Animals Awareness Day. Events are organised in feeds. Full list of feeds is listed below:

  • Fashion Victim's Occasions (18)
  • Food Lover's Occasions (24)
  • Surprise Occasions (16)
  • Geeky Occasions (20)
  • Pet Lover's Occasions (24)
  • Wordpress Occasions (34)
  • Usa Occasions (27)
  • Uk Occasions (28)
  • Japan Occasions (20)
  • Canadian Occasions (11)
  • Russian Occasions (15)
  • Ukrainian Occasions (13)
  • Buddhist Occasions (9)
  • Catholic Occasions (16)
  • Protestant Occasions (13)
  • Seasons (4)

To browse full occasions list visit plugin homepage https://decorationsforoccasions.com

decorations for occasions easter

WordCamps included
You may have noticed that we have also created a special feed with decorations for WordCamps. Each of them has a unique decoration set inspired by the event location. And it’s free to use for everyone.

Unique hand drawn illustrations
Decoration for each occasion is unique as it has been drawn by our illustrator. We have also created some animations using GIFs, JavaScript, CSS and Canvas. Live demo of every decoration is available at Plugin homepage. Try, for example, Dog Day, New Year or Fall.

Free trial that you can extend infinitely
Yes, it’s not entirely free. But I hope you will like that

  • There are some free events ,
  • There is a 14 free trial (with no credit card required),
  • You can easily extend it by inviting your friends,
  • Subscriptions plans starts at EUR 1 a month,

Social responsibility matters
We have tested Decorations for Occasions against visually impaired internet users to make sure that this plugin will not make browsing website more difficult for them.

decorations for occasions fathers day

I hope you will join the celebration and decorate your WordPress anytime soon.