Introducing Perfect Dashboard

80% of websites are susceptible to hacking as their software is not updated regularly. Perfect Dashboard is a solution to this problem. It’s the one place you will ever need to manage all websites efficiently. It’s designed to work with WordPress and Joomla, but you can use it with every website.

Every website should be updated.

Both WordPress and Joomla are great tools to build beautiful, feature-rich websites in an efficient way. But that’s not their main advantage. The best part is that because they are so popular, their security is tested on a daily basis. And every month there is a security fix release. That is why Joomla and WordPress are considered much safer than any custom CMS solution. However, this is true only if the website software is regularly updated. Otherwise, the website becomes vulnerable to hacking.

Protect brand reputation.

Hackers are getting clever. Getting access to a vulnerable website is just a first step for them. Then, they use this website to infect unprotected computers of people who visit it. Imagine the consequence when it’s revealed that it was your website that had spread malware to others. Regular website updates are the easiest way to shield yourself from that risk.

Updating is boring.

Everybody knows it. First, you need to backup and restore it to check if it’s ok. Then you need to install updates one by one. After that, you need to check if nothing got broken during the update and the website is working normally. And finally you have to fix possible display errors. And it gets more complicated if you do not want to perform an update on a live website.

Cut 50% time on tedious tasks.

But updating doesn’t have to be this way. Imagine a tool that does the backup and automatically restores it remotely. Then it installs all the updates and tests website for you, pointing out potential errors you should fix. All in one click. And this tool has a name. It’s Perfect Dashboard.

Increase income by 30%.

With Perfect Dashboard, every web developer can become a professional website maintenance provider and offer management services at compelling prices. This turns one-time clients into a recurring source of income. Branded reports, that can be generated from Perfect Dashboard, help to show what actions has been undertaken and make a great attachment to a monthly invoice.

Together we can make the Internet a safer place.

But it’s not only about the money. It’s about making the Internet a safer place. It’s about how decision makers see Joomla and WordPress. Right now, their reputation is tarnished as, according to recent research, every minute some outdated WordPress/Joomla website is being hacked. We want to change this and prove that a regularly updated Joomla or WordPress is far more secure than most custom CMS. But we need your help. Together we can accomplish this goal and prove that a CMS we are working with is rock solid.

Try it yourself.

Perfect Dashboard has been released and is available to everyone. Go to and try it.