How to manage 50 websites with just 2 hands

A few tips on how to increase your income while also helping your community. Why is becoming a website administrator worth the trouble?

Certain income every month

A freelancer creating websites just to make ends meet each month, needs to get more commissions, while website administration guarantees a fixed monthly income and a certainty of paying your monthly bills.

A website administration contract's structure resembles that of an insurance contract. The customer pays for certainty that in a particular situation the administrator will take a specific action or maintain a certain state of affairs. E.g. Every Tuesday the administrator performs a backup or updates the CMS within 48 hours of security fix publication. The website administrator’s work rhythm is often connected by outside events such as lack of access to the site or an update publication. This, however, does not affect the ability to issue the monthly invoice.

The client will not delay the invoice

Anyone who has ever created a website knows how long the process of receiving and reporting adjustments lasts, not to mention the waiting for the coveted acceptance letter.

Because the vast majority of projects is payed for (in whole or in part) only after the customer approves of the website, freelancers often have to reschedule various expenses while waiting for their payment.

That is why even though it is more difficult for the administrators to plan their time, due to unpredictable events that may suddenly add to their workload, they will never find themselves living only on bread and water, a situation well-known to all website creators, because the customer does not give them the needed acceptance of the project before going on a month's leave.

Managing 50 websites with just 2 hands? No problem!

An average website creator, if asked whether he would be able to make 3 x sites, will answer that it is absolutely impossible. Meanwhile, if an administrator was asked if he could take care of 3 x sites, he will usually answer he'd love to. Why the difference? Website creation cannot be scaled as easily as website administration. This means that making two websites takes almost twice more than making just one, while administration of 20 websites does not take twice as much time as administration of 10.

This is due to the fact that the process of creating websites includes many unique actions, and most of the tasks included in the administration can be automated. There are many tools for that. For example, AkeebaBackup saves a lot of time on backup. Tools such as or ManageWP facilitate updates of multiple websites at once. By using Codeception or Casper.JS one can significantly shorten the testing process of the site after the update. Additionally, a few weeks ago, we have released Perfect Dashboard - a tool that we created initially for ourselves at Perfect Web to have only one tool instead of using several of the ones already mentioned.

For the sake of your community!

I hope that the above reasons clearly show why you should add website administration to services you offer. However, we should not forget one more reason: safety. Every day hackers break into hundreds of outdated websites. This leads many people to believe that for example Joomla! or WordPress are dangerous systems. Meanwhile, as many as 8 out of 10 sites that use CMS mentioned above are not updated on a regular basis. Offering website administration you help to reduce the number of easy targets for hackers and care for the good name of many CMS.

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