Introducing Perfect Ranking

Selecting a WordPress plugin or Joomla extension that will suit you can be difficult at times as there is so many. We want to simplify this for you. That's why we have created Perfect Ranking of both top WordPress plugins and top Joomla extensions that are most commonly used on popular websites.

Based on real popularity

Why another list while there are already so many “essential WordPress plugins/ Joomla extensions lists” not to mention official Joomla and WordPress repositories? Well, our ranking, unlike many other top lists, is based on real usage data from hundreds of active websites connected to Perfect Dashboard. Moreover, unlike WordPress official repository, our ranking includes both commercial and free plugins.

Updated regularly

Both top WordPress plugins list and top Joomla extension list will be regularly updated to reflect the change in popularity and provide you with the most actual knowledge.

Top WordPress Plugins List

Top Joomla Extension List

What are your favorite plugins? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below.