Should I update to WordPress 4.5 right away or wait for 4.5.1?

The new WordPress version will be released later today. Here are some questions a conservative web administrator should ask himself before updating.

Are plugins and themes used on managed website ready for WordPress 4.5?

You can always check plugins’ compatibility on WordPress Plugin Directory or on Plugin Developer website. It seems that the most popular plugins and themes used on websites connected to Perfect Dashboard generally work fine with WordPress 4.5. We have tested all Perfect Web Plugins for WordPress and they are fully compatible with WordPress 4.5.

Should I upgrade to WordPress 4.5 ASAP?

From what we know WordPress 4.5.0 will not be a security release, but it’s beneficial to upgrade within a few days after the release date. Running the latest version of WordPress is always beneficial, as it is easier to install security update quickly whenever it is released. And a security update can emerge any day.

Obviously, if a managed website use anything else than WordPress 4.4.2 you should update now, as this website is susceptible for hacking by automated scripts.

How to upgrade to WordPress 4.5?

As always, there will be a one-click upgrade provided. Remember to backup and check it’s integrity first. You can also consult our ultimate WordPress Update Guide for more detailed tips.

What is the easiest way to upgrade to WordPress 4.5?

You can also save your time on upgrading and use for free our website management platform - Perfect Dashboard. This way we will take care of doing backup before the upgrade and perform automated tests after the upgrade to point out possible display errors on the website.