Top Joomla! Extensions Ranking [May update]

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Last updated: 11 May, 2016

Reshuffle in Content Construction Category. SobiPRO rise to second position

This month SobiPRO extension popularity has grown. More and more developers use SobiPRO which allows this extension to reach the second position in Content Construction Category. ZOO extension fell down to the third position.

MijoShop jumped into the second position in E-commerce Category

In E-commerce Extensions Category we have observed the change between second and third position. Last month the second position belonged to HikaShop, now we have MojoShop there.

Sitemaps Extensions Category has one leader

In this category OSMap is still the leader. However, we have noticed some changes between second and third place, where Sitemap Generator fell down from the second position in favor of JSitemap extension.

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