Takeaways from the recent Joomla Conference in Barcelona

Here are the insights from J and Beyond, a second most popular conference for Joomla developers and site integrators took place.

3 days, 50 speakers, 60 sessions

Imagine 250 top Joomla minds from more than 30 countries gathered together in order to share their know-how during over 60 sessions. Developers contributing to Joomla core, ux designers, seo & performance experts were discussing how to make Joomla even better.

Joomla 4 release not this year

It will take months if not years for Joomla 4 to be released. However, the plans are bold. Joomla 4 dev team plan to rebuild the entire codebase introducing the most recent programming trends in PHP. But don't worry, they promise a one-click update tool. Here are some notes form PLT meeting on Joomla 4.

Dev tools to boost your productivity

Soren Beck Jansen done the presentation "Tools for team work and success" that turned into a discussion on which tools can help you to save your time while developing websites and running your own business in general. Additionally, a list of useful tools to save time on website management was shared during a presention by Aleksander Kuczek, Perfect Dashboard CEO.

Automated testing decrease number of errors during website development

There were some great presentation on how to set up website testing. I recommend watching "Beyond Testing" by Michael Bodnarchuk and "Aceptance Testing with PageObject" by Niels Braczek.

Simple ways to improve design & UX

Harris Crystal gave a inspiring keyone "UX is not a big scary monster" on how UX can improve the conversion rate of a website and, in consequence, the satisfacion of website owner. There were also interesting presentations on how A/B testing can help improve websites' conversion and on how marketing & UX can go along improving it even further.

Daily highlights with special guests

We have brought this exciting Joomla experience directly to you. Aleksander, CEO of Perfect Dashobard, attended the event and recorded these daily highlights for Perfect Dashboard Community together with top Joomla experts.

  • Søren Beck Jensen, a member of Joomla UX team, author of NENO Translate, an outstanding language solution for Joomla
  • Shirat Goldstein, member of Joomla Marketing Team, designer from Israel
  • Jisse Reitsma, Author of book "Programming Joomla Plugins", PHP Zend member, developer from the Nederlands

If you haven't seen it live watch it beleow.

J and Beyond 2016 Highlights Day 1 with Shirat Goldstein

J and Beyond 2016 Highlights Day 2 with Søren Jensen

J and Beyond 2016 Highlights Day 3 with Jisse Reitsma