Top WordPress Plugins Ranking [July update]

See what plugins are most commonly used by WordPress professionals all over the world. Here are the most recent changes in The Perfect Ranking of Top WordPress Plugins.

Introducing two new categories

This month we haven’t observed any big changes in Top WordPress Plugins Ranking. In our opinion now it is a perfect occasion to introduce you two new categories. The Ranking is getting more comprehensive to help you to find the best plugin according to your needs. Here you have a bit of insight so you can make an informed choice.

Captcha Plugins

The most popular captcha plugin this month is Really Simple Captcha. Second place belongs to Captcha by BestWebSoft and the third one to Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA).

WordPress Customization Plugins

If you need more flexibility or new features on WordPress websites you can use customization plugins. Among developers who cooperate with Perfect Dashboard the most popular this month are Advanced Custom Fields plugin, then Custom Login Page Customizer. The third position here belongs to Simple Custom CSS.

How Perfect Ranking of Top WordPress Plugins was created?

The Ranking is based on the usage of active websites connected to Perfect Dashboard managed by experienced web administrators from all over the world. Click here to see the entire Perfect Ranking of Top WordPress Plugins.