3 simple ways to improve your brand image as a professional web administrator

You are the most valuable part of your business and you need to take care of your brand.

When you’re running a one-person business as a freelancer you are so busy that branding is probably the last thing you think about. Here’s some good news. From this post you will learn how to increase your brand as a professional with little effort.

Add your secret sauce

Many web developers and administrators leave the backend untouched. Have you ever thought that your site’s backend could be doing more for you? Here’s a hint. White labeling.

Practically, white labeling is all about branding. Perfect Dashboard which is offering white labeling can work for you in two ways. Everything depends on what you want to achieve.

If you don’t want to show what kind of tools you are using, you can hide it easily by changing the name of Perfect Dashboard extension. No one except you will know what you use to manage the website.

Changing the extension’s name wisely can make an impression that you are an expert, who has created his own tool. Your customers who logged in to the backend will know you are a real professional. Isn’t this the impression you want them to get?

Follow these steps to rebrand Perfect Dashboard extensions on your websites:

1. Log in to Perfect Dashboard and choose the website where you want to rebrand our extension

2. Click on Settings in menu bar on the left

3. Go to White labelling section by scrolling down

white labelling info extension

4. Put there your Company Name and Extensions View Information so that your customers remember who makes their website secure. I've chosen the name "Manager".

5. Then click Save all settings

6. Here’s how it will appear in the backend:

white lablelling manager

Be there when customers need you

Make your service look more professional and show your customers that you care. One easy thing can change everything.

Imagine a situation where your customer is trying to log into the backend and has no password. Or something else that makes him or her frustrated is happening. He needs your help. Now. So, here is an answer. Simply, customize login page and add there your contact information. And this is what customers will remember.

Remember, anything that can help you with effective customers support is worth this small effort.

Using Perfect Dashboard it is very easy to customize your Login page information. Here’s how you do this:

1. Log in to Perfect Dashboard and choose the website where you want to customize the log in page

2. Click on Settings in menu bar on the left

3. Go to White labelling section by scrolling down and add your custom text in Login page information area

white labelling Login page info

4. Here’s how it will appear

white labelling contact info

Increase professionalism

In this business especially you need to prove your work. Most people will not understand what you do. Let’s be honest, for them, your work is invisible. Creating reports is a great solution for this problem.

Creating a report for one or two customers manually can be simple enough. But what happens when you need 10 reports, or even 100 every month? It’s quite time consuming, isn’t it?

How to supply customers with a high quality, detailed and professional report on the progress of your work with little effort? Using Perfect Dashboard you can automatically generate branded and personalized reports for all of your websites. Here’s how you do this:

1. Log in to Perfect Dashboard and go to Settings on your left, then scroll down to Report settings area

2. Brand reports with your logo and customize report template, then click Save all settings

report settings 3

3. To generate the report simply go to My websites, choose the website for which you need a report and then click Reports. Generate the report, the pdf file will download automatically.

report 2

In the end of each report generated by Perfect Dashboard your customer will find useful informations such as an explanation of what CMS was used and why it is important to back up and update websites regularly.

With much less time sitting in front of the computer screen writing reports for your clients you can take that time to gain new customers or just relax.