How to update to Joomla 3.6 with Perfect Dashboard

Using the latest Joomla! version is important for security of those who visit the website. Recent website hacks are a reminder that you should try your best to protect websites you manage with as many tools as you can.

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Freelancers and small web management business owners need to be ultra-organised. We know this business is challenging and rewarding, but it is important not to forget that your success is determined by how organised you are.

You are probably aware how time-consuming and boring a proper update process is. Making a backup, checking its integrity, updating the core and extensions, and testing, for one or two websites manually can be simple enough. But what happens when you provide this service for 10 websites, or even 20?

Go through the whole updating process automatically. In just a few minutes

In 7 steps I will show you how to speed up the whole update process using Perfect Dashboard. This post is for those who are running Joomla 3.x. If you’re using another version, you need to migrate to Joomla 3.X first.

1. Log in to Perfect Dashboard and go to My Websites (menu bar on the left).

2. Choose the website you want to update then click on Prepare Joomla Upgrade button. Perfect Dashboard will copy your entire website (together with database and images) to our server in cloud.

3. Then, Perfect Dashboard will verify the backup. Integrity test is important because it verifies your backup integrity by comparing all of its files against your website files to make sure that they are the same and this backup can be used for restoration. You can do it manually or use Perfect Dashboard PRO feature to verify backup automatically.

4. Next step is deciding where you want to store your backup. You can choose between: Perfect Dashboard, Amazon S3, locally (which is not recommended) or you can download the backup on your computer.

5. Then, you should decide to which Joomla version you want to update and which extensions you want to update.

6. Don’t underestimate website testing after the update. Testing website after the update is crucial to make sure nothing got broken after the update. You can do it manually or use Perfect Dashboard PRO feature which can test the entire website for you automatically.

7. In the end, click the update button. And that’s all.

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