How to safely update your Joomla 3.x using Perfect Dashboard?

The following guide will walk you through the steps to backup, update and test your Joomla installation:

Adding website to Perfect Dashboard

If you haven't already, here are 2 ways to add your website to Perfect Dashboard:

  1. Automatic adding via Perfect Dashboard:
    Click on Add new website button:

    Select Joomla as your CMS Type, put your administrator panel URL, your front-page URL and your credentials into the form (don't worry, we aren't storing your login details anywhere!), click on Add Website button and that's it!
  2. Manual adding via Perfect Dashboard:
    If you prefer to not type your credentials, or you have additional security like Two-factor authentication or HTTP basic authentication for your administrator's panel, then you can use manual installation. To do that, select Joomla 3.x as your CMS Type, click on This website uses 2 Factor Authentication or HTTP Authentication or I prefer not to enter my login and password to website admin panel and install Perfect Dashboard plugin manually checkboxes, then on Add website manually button.

    Afterwards click on Download package to obtain our installer.

    After the download is finished, login to your Joomla dashboard and click on Extensions > Manage > Upload Package File:

    Select the package that you have downloaded earlier and click on Upload & Install button.

    You can either click on Click hjere to configure button or go to Components > Perfect Dashboard section in your backend. Inside it click on large green button: Click here to add your website to Perfect Dashboard

    Finally confirm that your website's URL matches, select where to store backups and click on Add website button.

Preparing the update

If your website is already added, you can either trigger the Joomla update from task in your TO-DO list:

or by going into My Websites > Your website and clicking on Prepare Joomla upgrade:

On the following screen review whether you want to create a backup before update (recommended), if so, then verify it (recommended), where to store the backup (we recommend storing on Perfect Dashboard cloud storage), which extensions to update and whether to perform automated tests after the update (recommended). Click on Upgrade now! button when you are done.

Review automated test results

To make sure that everything went correctly with the upgrade, it is best to review the automated test results so you can see on the screenshots whether something differs on the site before and after upgrade. Do that by clicking on Review test results button after the update.

You will then be able to see the test results and have the option to rollback the update if something went wrong:

If you see that some sites needs checking for changes, click on See details button:

Note: If you have dynamic elements on the site you can disable them to avoid false positive results. Do so in your website view > Local Settings > CSS Selectors to be omitted during visual comparison (each in new line, no comma at the end)

Finalizing the update

If the update results are satisfying, please click on Finish update process button. If you see that something went wrong, sometimes it is best to use Rollback button to restore your website to the backup made before the update. Afterwards you can fix the potential issues and try updating again.