Perfect Dashboard gets VC funding to fuel adoption of website management automation

Additional funding will help to counter strike automated hacking, the biggest plague of WordPress, Joomla and other Open Source based websites.

Perfect Dashboard, the innovative solution for website management automation, has completed it’s seed round financing round. The round includes angel investors and VCs from both Poland and USA. As a result, we are happy to welcome new Silicon Valley based board members: Ken Singer, Managing Director in Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley and Chris Burry, Co-CEO of US Market Acceleration Center.

With their help and additional funds we will fuel Perfect Dashboard growth by bringing in new features, expanding customer support, and growing presence on WordCamps and Joomla Days all over the world. All of that, in order to prevent the rising tide of automated hacking that targets 80,000 websites a day.

Automated hacking targeting websites with outdated software is one the biggest threats to WordPress and Joomla. That’s why a year ago we have decided to go beyond making popular WordPress plugins & Joomla extensions and launched, Perfect Dashboard - website management automation platform. With this tool, every web developer can easily evaluate which of their customers' websites are outdated and in danger. But it's not only about security assessment, with Perfect Dashboard doing backups, updates, and especially testing takes 80% lest time. Thanks to that, offering professional web management services at all corners of the earth in affordable prices has never been easier.

To celebrate our new funding round we have decided to make give away extended security assessment for free. Sign up to Perfect Dashboard (or log in if you already have an account), add your website and perform the extended security assessment. Our developers and support team members will be glad to help you fix all issues with no charge, so feel free to contact them. But be quick, this offer is only available until Nov 15th.

Obviously, this is a very important moment for me personally and the entire team, but we do know it is just a step on our way. Our ambition is to transform the way websites are being protected & managed, the same way as the adoption of steam power or assembly lines has influenced the industry or even the entire civilization.