Perfect Dashboard 1.5 - New Custom Change Detector and the latest features overview

Perfect Dashboard Version 1.5

Now you can easily find all custom changes in WordPress and Joomla core files

There are two types of websites based on WordPress / Joomla!: with and without changes with the core. We believe that you are in the second group because changing the core is pure evil. But did you ever wonder, how to update a website with core custom changes, made in the past? Probably, you even don’t know about all modified places.

From now on you don’t need a reason to worry. We launched the newest version of Perfect Dashboard with very cool feature: Custom Change Detector. It checks your WordPress or Joomla! core files during every backup and tells you if and where they were modified. With this knowledge, you could rewrite this changes to a new plugin or add them to funcion.php in child-theme. You can also put it in the same place in updated version - but you will not do it, right? Right?

Full list of modification in Perfect Dashboard 1.5 you can find below:

  • New feature: Custom Change Detector: new feature, which detects and shows all WordPress or Joomla! core files change
  • New feature: Video tutorials: we created a few short video tutorials explaining the most frequent actions in Perfect Dashboard
  • New feature: Special offers: you will have a chance to use our partner’s offers with discounted prices for Perfect Dashboard users only
  • Improvement: Possibility to exclude files, directories and database tables from backups and integrity tests
  • Improvement: Support pages with HTTP authentication requirement
  • Improvement: Reduce number of addresses that should be excluded in the firewall to 1 IP address
  • Improvement: Support hosting with limit simultaneous queries
  • Improvement: Improved error reporting
  • Some minor changes and improvements