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Here are 7 things you might want to consider when choosing an ideal contact form for your Wordpress site:

  • 1) Will it work with your site?

    First of all you need to make sure that your Wordpress site is compatible with your plugin of choice - check out which version of WP and PHP you have and if its supported by your contact form. Also it is best to make sure that it supports various mailer types (PHP mail, SMTP) to make sure that it will send emails regardless of your server settings.

  • 2) What about various field types?

    Besides typical form fields like Name, Email and Message, a true professional contact form needs to support many other field types, like at least an Upload, Date, Phone, Select, Radio and Checkboxes fields.

  • 3) What about SPAM protection?

    No one likes to be bombarded by thousands of SPAM messages, unfortunately in this times it is a necessity to protect yourself from this unwanted messages. Does your contact form supports anti-spam and anti-flood protection? If so, is it using a Captcha to do so? Captcha works great, however many users do not want to be pestered by it and will choose to avoid sending a message through contact form simply to avoid it.

  • 4) What are its Email options?

    Basically you should be able to select one or more recipients, use auto-reply and have the possibility to create various email templates. It would be nice to have a ticket feature implemented too for keeping track of contact form messages or to provide a support ticket system for example.

  • 5) Can I automatize it?

    A very useful feature is an automatic filling-in the logged user data, so he doesn't have to do it himself. Also sometimes you may need to automatically display the contact form after a given time.

  • 6) Can I customize it?

    You should be able to make your contact form look exactly how you wish - set its colors, background, fonts, shadows, gradients etc. You should only be limited by your imagination!

  • 7) How does it look?

    While maintaining the importance of the previous point, the contact form should look good from the get-go. Some of us are just too busy and just want a nice, clean and great looking form theme to choose from. Also besides typical Static inside-of-the-page layout you might want to display your form in Lightbox, Accordion or have it slide-in from the side of your screen for example.

Hopefully these steps will guide you to filter out the contact form products not really suited to your or your users needs, thus saving you a headache and of course a very valuable time.