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Top 6 Joomla! issues that may influence your website which will be discussed at J and Beyond Conference

J and Beyond, one of the biggest Joomla! events, is just about to start. For the next 3 days I will have an opportunity to meet many Joomla! influencers. I will provide you with any useful tips & tricks to get your website more attractive for your users I will hear during sessions and behind the scenes. Here’s the most important issues, that I can’t wait to discuss. Continue Reading

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Our plugins compatibility with WordPress 4.2

As you can read here the new version of WordPress marked 4.2 is coming soon. We are gladly announcing that all our plugins are fully compatible with it! We are always testing new WordPress versions to make sure that our extensions will work perfectly with them. That is why you can always safely upgrade to the newest versions without any worries and enjoy all the new features.

How to increase your Wordpress page speed without coding?

Welcome to the first part of our Spring Cleaning for WordPress series! In this article you will learn how to properly measure your page speed, what is really slowing down your website and most importantly how to fix it, so your visitors will not fall asleep while waiting for your site to load.

There is only one rule when it comes to speed of your website - "The faster, the better". No one likes waiting and if the load time of your site is taking more than a few short seconds, then your visitor will surely be irritated. Of course it also depends on user's internet connection speed, so the website needs to be as optimized as possible to not make users with slower internet speed wait indefinitely. As studies show - a 1 second page delay in page response time can result in 7% decrease in conversion rate. Most users will wait for about 6-10 seconds before they will abandon the page. To simply summarize - the less time user spends waiting for your site to load, the more chance that he will stay on it. Continue Reading

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How to make users click on the link to your website in Google search results?

I would like to welcome you to the first part of our Spring Cleaning for Joomla series! In this article I would like to focus on how to increase the chance of an user choosing your site from hundreds or more other Google search results. We will check if and how your site is indexed by Google, and what you can do to improve it. So if your site's visibility in search engines like Google does concern you, please read on. Continue Reading

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Perfect Spring Cleaning: Tidy up your WordPress website

If you try to paint a picture of a spring cleaning you'll probably think of washing carpets and curtains, polishing furniture or even some paintwork. But how about your WordPress website? Isn’t it a prefect time to remove cobwebs, get rid of stains and make your website shine again? But don’t worry, we want leave you alone with this work. Throughout April we’ll provide you with some useful tips on how to perfect your website this spring in no time and still have some energy saved to polish your silverware and sweep your floors. Continue Reading

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Website Spring Cleaning: make your Joomla! website shine again

When you think of spring cleaning you probably imagine yourself dusting your furniture, polishing your windows and waxing your floor. This year however I would like to add one more thing to your checklist - your website. Believe me with almost no effort you can polish your Joomla! website so that it would be faster, safer and more attractive to your users. And you still have some energy left for the windows :) Continue Reading

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WordPress Contact Form - Easter Special

As we promised, the little gift for our WordPress Contact Form subscribers is here - the all-new Easter theme is available with the newest update to our plugin (2.0.10)! We know that it isn't an easter egg per se, although we hope that it also will bring a little smile to your face. This is the beginning of periodical updates, which from now on will add new features to the contact form (and of course fix any bugs we may encounter along the way too).

So stay tuned and we wish you all Happy Easter Holidays! Continue Reading

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Top 10 errors you should avoid when creating a contact form

For a great number of websites contact forms are an invaluable source of feedback, sales, offers etc. Some sites even rely solely on them. However I see too many forms which are not bringing as many conversions as the owners would want them to, here in this article I will try to rectify that by pointing out the 10 most common mistakes you should absolutely not make when creating a contact form: Continue Reading

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Why CAPTCHA is bad at preventing spam from your WordPress forms

Let's face it - every website owner longs for the moment when a new amazing offer to triple their income with no effort whatsoever arrives in their inbox. At least that would be the case if those offers were actually true and not just a pitiful attempt at scamming. No, spam is the true menace of the 21st century, where virtually all communication happens electronically.

So how would one protect against spam then? The simplest and most common solution is to use a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). Is that the right way though? Continue Reading

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Easter egg for our PRO subscribers

As you all know the holidays are coming, so we have prepared a little surprise for our supporters! I will only add that we will be gradually expanding our extensions and the upcoming update is only the tip of the mountain! Continue Reading

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How to make your contact form spam-free without using Captcha?

Spam was, is and will be an issue that internet users unfortunately have to deal with. Spam emails are messages that typically come from companies who wants you to purchase their products one way or the other. They are sent in massive quantities by robots programmed to do just that.

To answer this, the Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) was invented to have user make an effort at deciphering it and prove that he is indeed a human user, not a fiendish robot who set his sight at blowing up our mailboxes with unwanted maleficent advertising. Captcha fields are random and could be anything from deformed text, mathematical equations to even games and videos, but all of it requires a human effort to read/decipher/solve so the spam bot will fail to pass it. Some companies even went further with it, like Google uses Captcha to decipher and authenticate the scanned text from old books or street addresses. This is a very useful system, which is making our world better and I really commend it. But should you really be using it? Continue Reading

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