Our products compatibility with Joomla! 3.4.3

We have just updated our Perfect Everything in Everyway extension to version 2.0.4, thus making it fully compatible with the newest Joomla! version 3.4.3. Make sure to update your extension and remember to put your Download ID found in My subscriptions section on our website to Advanced > Download ID field in our module configuration, to be able to do so! Current versions of the rest of our extensions are compatible with Joomla! 3.4.3. We will keep you posted as to any more development updates.

Our extensions are ready for WordPress 4.3!

We are glad to say that our plugins are fully compatible with the upcoming release of WordPress! You can check all the new WordPress 4.3 features and changes here. We are constantly testing the newest versions of WordPress so our plugins remains working as they should and of course we will keep you posted to any further development updates.

Google Maps Integration for Joomla released

I can proudly announce that we have just released a new plugin to Perfect Everything in Everyway. It’s a brand new Google Maps integration for Joomla!. Now you can display Google Map anywhere on your website using lightbox, popup or even slide-in from the edge of a page. You can use all Google Map features including Street View and directions. Moreover, you can personalise it to your needs using more than 20 themes, visual effects, and animations. Here is usage examples gallery and live demo of this Google Maps Integration for Joomla!. Continue Reading

Top 6 Joomla! issues that may influence your website which will be discussed at J and Beyond Conference

J and Beyond, one of the biggest Joomla! events, is just about to start. For the next 3 days I will have an opportunity to meet many Joomla! influencers. I will provide you with any useful tips & tricks to get your website more attractive for your users I will hear during sessions and behind the scenes. Here’s the most important issues, that I can’t wait to discuss. Continue Reading

Look how pretty new YouTube/Vimeo integration looks like!

You already know that we will be releasing Perfect YouTube Integration and Perfect Vimeo Integration for Joomla! next Tuesday. You also know that it will be possible to display a video in lightbox, and frankly everyway you desire!

What you don't know yet is how cool the videos can look on your website! Check it out! Continue Reading

Our plugins compatibility with WordPress 4.2

As you can read here the new version of WordPress marked 4.2 is coming soon. We are gladly announcing that all our plugins are fully compatible with it! We are always testing new WordPress versions to make sure that our extensions will work perfectly with them. That is why you can always safely upgrade to the newest versions without any worries and enjoy all the new features.

How to increase your Wordpress page speed without coding?

Welcome to the first part of our Spring Cleaning for WordPress series! In this article you will learn how to properly measure your page speed, what is really slowing down your website and most importantly how to fix it, so your visitors will not fall asleep while waiting for your site to load.

There is only one rule when it comes to speed of your website - "The faster, the better". No one likes waiting and if the load time of your site is taking more than a few short seconds, then your visitor will surely be irritated. Of course it also depends on user's internet connection speed, so the website needs to be as optimized as possible to not make users with slower internet speed wait indefinitely. As studies show - a 1 second page delay in page response time can result in 7% decrease in conversion rate. Most users will wait for about 6-10 seconds before they will abandon the page. To simply summarize - the less time user spends waiting for your site to load, the more chance that he will stay on it. Continue Reading

How to make users click on the link to your website in Google search results?

I would like to welcome you to the first part of our Spring Cleaning for Joomla series! In this article I would like to focus on how to increase the chance of an user choosing your site from hundreds or more other Google search results. We will check if and how your site is indexed by Google, and what you can do to improve it. So if your site's visibility in search engines like Google does concern you, please read on. Continue Reading