We are moving our extensions to Joomlashack.com. If you have questions about your membership or need support, please send us a message by clicking this link.

We are aware that you sometimes may want to buy our extensions for someone else. For example, your client or organisation you are with.

Someone else pays

Of course the simplest way to do it is to use their credit card or PayPal account while buying the subscription. This way this person or organisation becomes our client and the invoice would be issued in their name and address provided. If the subscription is recurring, their card or PayPal account would be charged after purchase for the first year and every year from then on, unless they cancel their subscription renewal. You still can have access to downloads however. Just check "Create a new account” option while filling out the order form and then use the email and password to log in to the account on our website. To contact support through a support form, please use this email also.

You pay and someone else uses it

We understand that sometimes you prefer to buy subscriptions directly and not involve anyone else. In this case, you will be our client and your name and address would be on the invoice. If the subscription is recurring, your card or PayPal account would be charged after the purchase for the first year and every year from then on. In some cases, one year of support and download access would be enough for the person or organisation you are buying this for. If you think so, then remember to cancel the subscription renewal after the initial purchase, so we won’t charge you for the following year. Your client would be still able to use our extensions even after the subscription has expired as all the code is Open Source and is provided under GNU GPL licence.