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Extensions to expand Joomla

Our products compatibility with Joomla! 3.4.3

We have just updated our Perfect Everything in Everyway extension to version 2.0.4, thus making it fully compatible with the newest Joomla! version 3.4.3. Make sure to update your extension and remember to put your Download ID found in My subscriptions section on our website to Advanced > Download ID field in our module configuration, to be able to do so! Current versions of the rest of our extensions are compatible with Joomla! 3.4.3. We will keep you posted as to any more development updates.

Google Maps Integration for Joomla released

I can proudly announce that we have just released a new plugin to Perfect Everything in Everyway. It’s a brand new Google Maps integration for Joomla!. Now you can display Google Map anywhere on your website using lightbox, popup or even slide-in from the edge of a page. You can use all Google Map features including Street View and directions. Moreover, you can personalise it to your needs using more than 20 themes, visual effects, and animations. Here is usage examples gallery and live demo of this Google Maps Integration for Joomla!.

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Top 6 Joomla! issues that may influence your website which will be discussed at J and Beyond Conference

J and Beyond, one of the biggest Joomla! events, is just about to start. For the next 3 days I will have an opportunity to meet many Joomla! influencers. I will provide you with any useful tips & tricks to get your website more attractive for your users I will hear during sessions and behind the scenes. Here’s the most important issues, that I can’t wait to discuss.

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Look how pretty new YouTube/Vimeo integration looks like!

You already know that we will be releasing Perfect YouTube Integration and Perfect Vimeo Integration for Joomla! next Tuesday. You also know that it will be possible to display a video in lightbox, and frankly everyway you desire!

What you don't know yet is how cool the videos can look on your website! Check it out!

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How to make users click on the link to your website in Google search results?

I would like to welcome you to the first part of our Spring Cleaning for Joomla series! In this article I would like to focus on how to increase the chance of an user choosing your site from hundreds or more other Google search results. We will check if and how your site is indexed by Google, and what you can do to improve it. So if your site's visibility in search engines like Google does concern you, please read on.

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Website Spring Cleaning: make your Joomla! website shine again

When you think of spring cleaning you probably imagine yourself dusting your furniture, polishing your windows and waxing your floor. This year however I would like to add one more thing to your checklist - your website. Believe me with almost no effort you can polish your Joomla! website so that it would be faster, safer and more attractive to your users. And you still have some energy left for the windows :)

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How to make your contact form spam-free without using Captcha?

Spam was, is and will be an issue that internet users unfortunately have to deal with. Spam emails are messages that typically come from companies who wants you to purchase their products one way or the other. They are sent in massive quantities by robots programmed to do just that.

To answer this, the Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) was invented to have user make an effort at deciphering it and prove that he is indeed a human user, not a fiendish robot who set his sight at blowing up our mailboxes with unwanted maleficent advertising. Captcha fields are random and could be anything from deformed text, mathematical equations to even games and videos, but all of it requires a human effort to read/decipher/solve so the spam bot will fail to pass it. Some companies even went further with it, like Google uses Captcha to decipher and authenticate the scanned text from old books or street addresses. This is a very useful system, which is making our world better and I really commend it. But should you really be using it?

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A glimpse into the future of Perfect Popup Box

Here is some insider news about the upcoming new version of the Perfect Popup Box module. I have to say, it is one of the biggest updates that I have ever seen.

Some users have raised concern about conflicts between MooTools and other JavaScript frameworks, which is why the developers decided to rewrote the Popup Box module using jQuery and Bootstrap instead. That greatly increases compatibility with Joomla 3.x and upcoming 4.x versions, meaning we won't have to worry about any problems with templates or other extensions - everything will work together nicely. I am not sure if it was just my imagination, but everything seemed to be even more snappier than before.

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Compress all CSS and JS with Yoo Warp Framework 7.x

Yoo themes with Warp Framework 7+ have great option to minify CSS and JavaScript files and use gzip compression and Data URIs to reduce image file requests. But it only works for template files and some Joomla files. In this article you will find tutorial how to make modification in Warp 7+ to compress all CSS and JS files added to Joomla Header.

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