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Perfect Bing Maps Integration for Joomla

always up-to-date Bing Maps integration with Lightboxes, Popups & more

  Show your credibility

Show your location to let your users find you in real world and to increase your credibility on the internet among website visitors.

  Do it faster and cheaper

You are moments away form having a Bing Map on your Joomla! website. Let us do it for you and you'll be able to share your maps or places with others for almost no cost at all.

  Always working

As both Bing Maps and Joomla! change constantly, it may affect a map on your Joomla! website. Perfect Bing Maps Integration takes care of that. We make sure to test it after each and every change and update it as needed so that your maps always work.

Easy to set up

Don't worry if you're not good with Joomla modules, Perfect Bing Maps Integration is so easy that you won't even need a manual (it is available though). And thanks to our extensive support, you'll never again be alone with any extension related problem!

  Stay secure

We know security is a big concern for many website owners. We put a lot effort to make sure Perfect Bing Maps Integration is properly tested. Additionally it does not interfere with any other extensions you use.

  Get it the way you want

We know you want your Joomla! website to be one of a kind and unique. With Perfect Bing Maps Integration, you get not only more than a dozen visual effects, themes and animations, but also the possilitby to display a map almost everywhere. You can almost always adjust extension without coding, but the code itself is well mantained and commented.

Don't take our word for it

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