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WordPress plugin
  1. How to mark items as viewed

  2. Create Users group for which counter will work

    In plugin configuration you can assign Users groups for which new orders will be checked and displayed in favicon. You can create new Users group e.g. Shop Manger and assign there only users who are processing orders.
  3. How to change favicon to custom one

    You can change default favicon by uploading new PNG image 16x16 pixels to directory: media/plg_pwebfaviconcounter/favicon and new TTF font file to directory: media/plg_pwebfaviconcounter/fonts. Then reload plugin configuration and new files will be visible in Advanced tab. You can also change there color and border of font. Set font color in RGB format, e.g. 0,0,0. Set font border color in RGBa format, e.g. 255,255,255,10. Last number is alpha transparency between 0 and 127. 0 indicates completely opaque while 127 indicates completely transparent.

    After saving new configuration you will see new icon in Basic tab. If you have enabled caching in plugin then clear favicon cache in: Site > Maintenance > Clear Cache.
  4. Favicon does not change after selecting new image or colors

    If you have enabled caching in plugin then clear favicon cache in: Site > Maintenance > Clear Cache which is stored in directory: cache/favicon.

  5. How works page reloading option

    If current view is first page of list of orders in your e-commerce component and new orders where found then site will be refreshed. Remember that you will lost all unsaved changes which you have done on this list view, e.g. if you where writing message to customer with new order status and did not finished. Be careful in using this option.