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Version 1.x

Documentation for Perfect Popup Box

Version 2.x

  1. Installation, configuration and updates

    In Joomla 2.5 you have to also install a system plugin with native support for Ajax, jQuery and Bootstrap Perfect Joomla! 3 User Interface plugin.

    This extension is a standard Joomla! module. After installation you will find it in Extensions > Module Manager. It is not a component so you can not create for it menu item, like for Joomla! Article in example. If you do not see it in Module Manager then you have to create new module instance in that view.

    You can update our module through Joomla! Update Manger when you will see a notification about a new version, however you will need to input your Download ID found on your subscription page on our website to the Advanced tab of our module configuration.

  2. Module position

    Module should be published at the position before </body> closing tag. Usually it is named debug. If you do not have such position then add the following code to your template in index.php file

    <jdoc:include type="modules" name="debug" />

    and in file: templateDetails.xml


    If you published module in any other position it should still work.
    You should hide module title if you publish it in other position.

  3. How to check module ID

    When you are editing module configuration you can find ID in URL, e.g.

    You can find module ID also in Module Manager list in last column - preview.

  4. Title of module still shows up

    Everyway is working fine, but title of module still shows up, e.g. in left column with other modules.

    Then go to module configuration and on the left in Details section set Show title: Hide. Although on some templates it would not help, if that is the case then you have to publish this module in other position, preferably in debug position.

  5. Everyway appears under menu or other layers

    Change Layer level (CSS z-index) in Location & Effects > Before opening in the module configuration. Default value is 1030. Enlarge this value until Everyway would be on top. Reload browser cache on front-end to see the changes.

  6. Open Everyway with a menu item, own link or image

    The most important thing is to assign module to all menu items and publish it in position which your template has. View page source in your browser and try to find (Ctrl+F): pwebbox. If there will be no such string then you did not publish module correct. Module has to be loaded on page where you want to open it - otherwise it will be impossible to open it.

    Everyway can be opened with own link, image or other HTML element by applying to it class or using JavaScript. See examples in Location & Effects > How to display Everyway via Menu item, HTML, JavaScript: in the module configuration.

    To open form with menu, create a new menu item type of: External URL and as link use URL code snippet from Location & Effects Tab of module configuration. Make sure that your code has the correct module ID.

  7. jQuery conflicts

    On your site jQuery should be loaded only once. If you have many extensions which use jQuery, then you should disable loading of jQuery in each extension or remove in PHP code. Edit your Joomla template and also remove jQuery if it is loaded there. Then add to your template code: <?php JHtml::_('jquery.framework'); ?> before: <jdoc:include type="head" />. It would load native jQuery 1.8+ included in Joomla. All Joomla 3.x extensions should use this code to load jQuery. When Perfect Joomla! 3 User Interface plugin is installed then this code would also work in Joomla 2.5.

    If other extensions in Joomla 2.5 or 3.x are laoding jQuery and there is no option to unload it, then you can install plugin Perfect Joomla! 3 User Interface plugin, enable it and set options Load jQuery: Yes and Remove other jQuery: Yes.

  8. Configuration page crashes

    Create file modules/mod_pwebbox/skip_http_test.txt to disable testing of some HTTP requests made by Everyway configuration page.

    Enable displaying of PHP errors in Joomla! Global Configuration Error Reporting: Maximum (you might need also to change PHP settings or .htaccess file). Go back to configuration page of Everyway and try to find PHP errors usually at the end of page. Then contact with us and send this error message.

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