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Tab is very easy and minimalistic way of displaying Link on the site without interfering with it's content and layout. It makes your website look modern and awesome. You can see tab demo on your left.


Perfect Everything Everyway can always stay fixed to the edge of the screen. That is why it moves while scrolling your Joomla website up or down. Your module is visible no matter where your user is. Click the button above and see how this option works.

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Joomla! versionEverything in Everyway versionSupported
Mobile ready & ResonsiveHTML5
PHPjQueryAdditional Requirements
3.4+ 2.x all modern
partly IE7-8,

5.3.10+ 1.8 - 1.11 Bootstrap 2.3.2
3.2.x - 3.3.x 2.x 5.3.10+ 1.8 - 1.11 Bootstrap 2.3.2, Ajax Interface component from Joomla! 3.4+
3.1.4 - 3.1.6 2.x 5.3.10+ 1.8 - 1.11 Bootstrap 2.3.2, Ajax Interface component from Joomla! 3.4+
3.0.x - 3.1.3 2.x 5.3.10+ 1.8 - 1.11 updated Bootstrap to 2.3.2 by Perfect Joomla! 3 Ajax and User Interface component from Joomla! 3.4+
2.5.20+ 2.x 5.3.10+ 1.8 - 1.10 Perfect Joomla! 3 User Interface plugin with jQuery and Bootstrap 2.3.2, Ajax Interface component from Joomla! 3.4+

Link Plugin features

  • Custom URL
  • Menu item
  • URL target (new window/parent window)

General module features

  • URL target (new window/parent window)
  • Position of tab at: left, right, top, bottom page edge or static.
  • Vertical or horizontal toggler tab in left and right position.
  • Icon for toggler tab from: module gallery, image manager or IcoMoon.
  • Set custom colours and size in module configuration.
  • Show rounded or squared corners and shadow.
  • Set custom toggler tab name.
  • Unlimited number of tabs on one page.
  • Multiple module positions and animations
  • Select effect of Slide-in Box and duration.
  • Auto-open on page load or on scroll.
  • Auto-open on exit - when mouse pointer goes above top edge of page (experimental, not always works in IE 7-8).
  • Auto-open limit count - open for first X-times after page refresh and selected event.
  • Auto-open delay - if not opened earlier by user.
  • Auto-close delay - if not closed earlier by user.
  • Close other Perfect-Web boxes when opening another one.
  • Open Box with menu item, image or link.
  • Supports RTL (right to left) languages, automatically switch module position from left to right page edge

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Show what's important

Perfect Link Everyway helps to display links to any webiste in a visible way so you can draw users attention to what is imporant to you.

Fast and free

Setting up Perfect Link Everyway is free of charge and it only takes a few clicks, so you can spend the time wondering what to use it for.

  A long lasting solution

We keep Perfect Link Everyway up-to-date so that it will work with all popular versions of Joomla!, and it is always prepared for Joomla! updates.

Do it with your eyes shut

Perfect Link Everyway is so easy that you probably won't even notice our documentation, manual and helpful support team, but remember that they are here to help you just in case.

Avoid interference

Most websites use many different extensions. This is why Perfect Link Everyway is written using Joomla! coding standards, in order to work smoothly with other extensions you may use. What's more, we always thoroughly test our extensions to make sure they are so secure so that you needn't think about it.

Any way you want

With Perfect Link Everyway, you have many possibilites of displaying links in a visible manner and do it exactly your way. It's easy to configure through the panel. The code is ready for your changes should you require to adjust it even further.

Approved by Joomla! Community

Perfect Link Everyway has been examined by Joomla! Community members and is included in offcial Joomla Extensions Directory.


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