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Perfect Popup Box is no longer available, because we have prepared new Perfect Everything in Everyway Solution which is more easy to set up, provides you with 15 integration plugins, 20+ attractive themes and layouts and many animations.
If you already have bought Perfect Popup Box just log in to your account. You will find there free upgrade to Perfect Everything in Everyway and still have the same functionalities and new features such as animations and cool themes for free. Just log in and download the upgrade.

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We proudly present to you Perfect Popup Box for Joomla! CMS. Find out how easy it is to display a youtube video, photo gallery or custom HTML in a popup (lightbox or modal window). Additionally you can use Popup Box to display other Joomla module, login form or Joomla article.  Moreover there are many layout and animation options available including slide in from page edge effect. You can use as many tabs as you want on one page.

Most of our users says it's easy to configure Perfect Popup Box, but if you have any problems our support team is at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any problem.

Popular Usage Examples

  • Joomla Popup Box module with embed Youtube or Vimeo movie

    Popup Box is the easiest way to display embedded video from Youtube or Vimeo. A few clicks and Popup Box with video is ready to use.

  • Popup Box with gallery module

    Photo gallery is just another usage option of Popup Box. You can display one or more photos in a convenient way using every Gallery module for Joomla.

  • Joomla Popup Box with login or registration form

    Looking for a place for login or registration form on your Joomla website? Use Perfect Popup Box and put it in a tab. Your users will surely enjoy it.

  • Joomla Popup Box with embed article

    Need to put additional info on your site? Put it in a Popup Box and make it easily accessible for every visitor. User often put Terms&Conditions or Payment Info in this tab. It is integrated with: Conent Builder, Flexi Content, K2 and Zoo.

  • Joomla Popup Box custom html code

    Do you want to put something different in Popup Box? You are welcome! Just paste your custom HTML code and enjoy any content you want to have in Popup Box

Visual Effects

  • Perfect Contact Form for Joomla can smoothly slide in from the edge of the page. Slide in effect is one of the most popular display options of Popup Box. The tab moves fluently and smoothly while opening and display content of Popup Box. Click here and see how it works! Cool, isn't it?

  • Our Joomla Contact Form can be sticked to the edge of tha page.You can stick Popup Box to the edge of the screen so it moves while scrolling your website. That is why your Popup Box is always visible and easy to find for everyone visiting your Joomla website. If you click below you will see how Popup Box tab moves along with the page.

  • lightbox drop effectTired of all this boring lightbox appear animations? Try something new! Use this cool animation effect to enlight your Joomla! website even more.

  • lightboxLightbox is just one more display option in Popup Box you can use to enhance your Joomla! website. Try it on!


  • based on Joomla! Extensions Directiory Ranking

  • A user-friendly module with a lot of possibilities and with a perfect Support. If you want pop-up’s you have to get it!

    From: mati59
  • This is really a perfect popup box that I'm looking for. Many popup features available, the design is nice, same features are quit advance that can't be found in other software (several pop up in the same page for example). Another perfect thing is their support is also very excellent! Well done to Perfect Popup Box team!

    From: YYLee
  • The only one module which allowed me to get the result I wanted ! Tried several other ones but everytime time something didn't fit my needs. I tried to Knock it out but nothing to do ! Stable and supports many uses on a same page !! I asked for a customization : I got it in the hours !! Great support too. The best module I found...

    From: fguyon


Joomla! versionExtensin versionSupportSupported
PHPMooToolsAdditional Requirements
3.0.x - 3.4.x 1.x all modern
partly IE7-8
5.3.1+ 1.4.x  
2.5.x 1.x 5.2+ 1.4.x  
1.5.15 - 1.5.26 1.x 5.x 1.12, 1.2.5 MooTools 1.12 since Joomla! 1.5.15 or MooTools 1.2.5 since Joomla! 1.5.23 with enabled System Plugin - Mootools Upgrade.

We are no longer supporting Joomla! 1.5

All Features

  • Embed as module content:
    • Article
    • Another module
    • Iframe with menu item or custom URL
    • Custom HTML code
  • Position of tab at: left, right, top or bottom page edge or static.
  • Vertical or horizontal toggler tab in left and right position.
  • Icon for toggler tab from: module gallery, image manager or IcoMoon.
  • Predefined styles: Dark , Gray , Light , blue, red , yellow , green .
  • Set custom colors and size in module configuration.
  • Show rounded or squared corners and shadow.
  • Set custom toggler tab name.
  • Unlimited number of tabs on one page.
  • Animation of Lightbox window - drop from top and enlarge.
  • Select effect of Slide in Box and duration.
  • Auto-open on page load or on scroll.
  • Auto-open on exit - when mouse pointer goes above top edge of page (experimental, not always works in IE 7-8).
  • Auto-open limit count - open for first X-times after page refresh and selected event.
  • Auto-open delay - if not opened earlier by user.
  • Auto-close delay - if not closed earlier by user.
  • Close other Perfect-Web boxes when opening another one.
  • Open Box with menu item, image or link.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Page View or Event after first click of tab.
  • Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter Conversion Tracking.
  • Supports RTL (right to left) languages, automatically switch module position from left to right page edge