Terms & Conditions of Perfect-Web.Co Website

General Terms

  1. The Terms & Conditions (referred to as „Terms & Conditions”) applies to perfect-web.co website (referred to as „Perfect-Web.Co”) lead by Perfect Web spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (limited liability company) seated in Cracow, Poland (1 Zaleskiego Street, 31-525 Cracow, Poland), entered into entrepreneurs register of National Court Register under No. 0000335684, whose registry documents are maintained by Regional Court for Cracow-Śródmieście, XI Economic Department of National Court Register, VAT number: 675-141-99-03, Statistic number: 120984207, with share capital 10.000,00 PLN (referred to as „Perfect Web”).  
  2. Perfect Web allows Users the following activities on Perfect-Web.Co:
    1. Browsing through different Joomla! Extenstions and WordPress Plugins (e.g. description, documentation, changelog) together with the information on Perfect Web’s scope of business activity;
    2. Downloading Joomla! Extenstions and WordPress Plugins (with or without remuneration);
    3. Making payments for Subscriptions;
    4. Contacting Support through contact form;


  1. All terms used in capital letters not defined elsewhere shall have the following meaning:
    1. User - a natural person using Perfect-Web.Co
    2. Joomla! Extenstion or WordPress Plugin - computer program written in programming language designed to work with Joomla! or WordPress CMS offering some additional feature to standard possibilities of Joomla! or WordPress.
    3. Joomla! - a content management system available to anyone under the GPL Licence
    4. WordPress - a content management system available to anyone under the GPL Licence
    5. GPL Licence - an open source GNU General Public Licence (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html)
    6. Subscribtion - a service that lasts for specified period of time consisting in access to download certain Joomla! Extenstion or WordPress Plugin together with later changes and updates as well as Support access
    7. Support - a service consisting in answering Users questions concerning technical problems with Joomla! Extenstions and WordPress Plugins that have been submitted through contact form. Support is available in English and Polish only.


  1. Unless stipulated otherwise all rights to Perfect-Web.Co (especially, but not limited to: website content, Joomla! Extenstions and WordPress Plugins) are reserved to Perfect Web.
  2. Some parts of Perfect-Web.Co (especially, but not limited to: template and content management system) are used under GPL Licence or other licences agreement.
  3. All Joomla and Presta Shop Extensions are available to anyone under the GPL Licence.
  4. Trademarks shown on Perfect-Web.Co are registered trademarks of respectable subjects and shall be used only in accordance with the binding provisions of law (including international agreements).

Using Perfect-Web.Co

  1. User can browse through Perfect-Web.Co free of charge. The access to the site is unlimited and anyone who has access to the Internet may visit Perfect-Web.Co.
  2. Access to some parts or features of Perfect-Web.Co may be restricted.
  3. Perfect Web may require remuneration for Subscriptions.
  4. By accessing Perfect-Web.Co User agrees to Terms&Conditions which is confirmed while the Subscription agreement is being executed.

Buying Subscription

  1. Perfect Web offers Subscriptions at Perfect-Web.Co.
  2. Each Subscription is presented in following way:
    1. detailed characteristics including the duration of subscription, download limitations (if applicable), and supported number of domains (if applicable)
    2. price including all taxes (especially VAT if applicable)
  3. The arrangements for payments are describe in the following section: Payment methods.
  4. User has no right of withdrawal as it is excluded in Article 38 Section 13 Polish Consumer Rights Bill of 24th June 20014.
  5. All information presented on Perfect-Web.Co shall be treated as an invitation to send an offer and are valid and binding as long as they are presented on Perfect-Web.Co.
  6. The offer is submitted by User while clicking „Buy now” (or similar) button.
  7. The Subscription agreement is concluded when the offer is accepted by Perfect Web. The User is informed on this fact by email.
  8. The Subscription is granted immediately after both the agreement is concluded and the payment is submitted.
  9. The Subscription is valid for the time period specified and will be automatically renewed after the lapse of subscription period and payments is charged for unless stipulated otherwise. User can cancel subscription renewal at any time by selecting such option in My Subscription panel.
  10. When user cancels subscription renewal the Subscription will not be renewed after the lapse of subscription period and no further payments will be charged. However user can use Subsciption untill the end of subscription period.
  11. Subscription period is the minimum duration of the user's obligations under the agreement.

Complains & Refunds

  1. Complains may be submitted through Support contact form and will be inestigated within 7 days.
  2. Payments will be refunded through PayPal or to credit card account accordingly to payment method chosen.

Additional provisions

  1. Terms & Conditions are valid from 1st July 2012 and has been updated on 23th December 2014.
  2. The binding law for all legal issues that may arise in connection with Perfect-Web.Co shall be law of The Republic of Poland.
  3. All disputes arising herefrom shall be submitted to the general Polish courtcompetent for the Contractor’s registered office.