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Perfect Easy&Powerful Contact Form is a WordPress plugin that aims to help people contact you directly from your website. Discover cool animations that can be used to display contact form on your WordPress website including smooth slide in effect, various lightbox appear effects as well as possible accordation effect. To be honest there are co many visual options you can't list them. But to mention only a few: it uses ajax, file upload and advanced spam protection (even without CAPCHA). Of course you can create unlimited number of forms and fields using this WordPress plugin. Moreover don't forget about ready-made themes and form compositions that we created for your convenience. Just click and try it or create your own theme using handy layout settings. It does not matter if you are looking for a call me back form, an reservation form, application form, a client survey or even support ticket submission form, because Perfect Easy&Powerful Contact Form will help you reach every goal.

Try it and see how easy it is! In case of any problems our excellent support team is here ready help you in every matter within hours.


one-time order
  • Themes, Animations & Visual Effects
  • Form templates
  • Advanced field types
  • Download from trusted source
  • Can be used on unlimited domains

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Cool Animation Effects

  • Perfect Contact Form for Wordpress can smoothly slide in from the edge of the page. Slide in effect is a favourite animation effect of most of our users. Smooth animation that makes your form appear form the edge of the page makes your website look modern and awesome.

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  • Our Wordpress Contact Form can be sticked to the edge of tha page.Perfect Easy&Powerful Contact Form always stays fixed to the edge of the screen. That is why it moves while scrolling your WordPress website up or down. Your contact form is visible no matter where your user is.  Click button below and see how this option works.

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  • You can choose opacity of our Wordpress Perfect Contact form and set it semi-transparent.If you don't want to overlay your page content you can use a semi-transparent background option. This way you can display your form and your content is still visible. Cool, isn't it? Below you can see an example.

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  • Wordpress Contact Form can be displayed as lightbox.Lightbox appearance can be far cooler that you expected! Try it and se how our lightbox pops up. Rotation and genie effects are the most popular choices among our users. Click button below to see just on possible option.

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  • Wordpress Contact Form can be displayed as accordion.Accordation is just another animation you can use to display Perfect Easy&Powerful Contact Form. This effect,  similar to this available in Tunes or Google Graphics Search is especially interesting when you want to display your contact from on-site, but have no free space. Give it a try and click button below.

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This is a DEMO contact form. Email will be sent only to you if you check Send a copy to yourself.
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Key Features

  • See how you can use Perfect Contact Form for Wordpress with unlimmited number of forms and fields.

    There is no limit on number of forms. Each of them can have unlimited number of fields. What is more you can insert unlimited number of form on single page of your WordPress website. As you see: there are no limits on forms or fields no matter what you want to use Perfect Easy&Powerful Contact Form for. 

  • See how you can use ready made colorfull layouts for Wordpress Contact Form

    We have created read-made themes for your convenience. Of course you can adjust them as much as you want or even create your own theme from scratch using graphic setting available in Perfect Easy&Powerful Contact Form backend.

  • spam protection without captcha

    Do you like spam? We don't like spam. Do you like CAPTCHA? We don't like CAPTCHA as well. That is why Perfect Easy&Powerful Contact Form has spam protection that requires no CAPTCHA. You do not need to make users read those tiny letters no one can read.

  • See how you can use Wordpress Contact Form for file upload.

    Perfect Easy&Powerful Contact Form would not be complete without a  handy file upload option. That is why you can easily setup a file upload field and let your users send you files in a secure way.

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  • Wordpress Contact Form is fully responsive and can be used on mobile devices.

    Responsive design is a must nowadays. That is why Perfect Easy&Powerful contact form uses Bootstrap library to ensure that every user will see contact form on you Wordpress website properly on their tablets and smartphone, no matter which model they use to access your website.

Popular Usage Examples

  • Wordpress Contact Form can be used as Call me Back form.
  • You can design your application form using Wordpress Contact Form.
  • Wordpress Contact Form can be set in roder to serve as application form.
  • See how you can receive your support tickets with Wordpress Contact Form.
  • Discover how you can create your own poll using Wordpress Contact Form.

Visual & Layout adjustment

  • Toggler tab which slides in contact form from page edge. Demo image
  • Toggler tab which displays contact form in Lightbox window with transfer effects (IE10+). Demo image
  • Toggler button which slides down contact form (accordion).
  • Standard static module, e.g. in sidebar or in Article content. Demo image
  • Positions of toggler tab: left, right, top, bottom, static.
  • Use Themes available in plugin configuration and customize it
  • Or choose in configuration own colors of fields, buttons, background, toggler tab and many other design details.


  • Front-end:
  • Back-end:

Gallery back-end

Coming soon


WordPress versionContact form versionSupported browsersHTML5
3.5.x - 4.2.x 2.x all modern browsers,
IE9+, partly IE7-8,
mobile ready, responsive
5.3+ 1.8+ 2.3.2 - 3.x


  • Version 2.3.4 released on 2017-12-13
  • Version 1.0.10 released on 2014-09-18

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All Features

  • Unlimited number of contact forms can be published at one page.
  • Unlimited number of fields type of: text, name, email, phone, subject, textarea, select list, multiple select list, single checkbox, checkboxes group, radios group, data picker with calendar, password - demo.
  • Sort fields with drag-and-drop.
  • Split fields into columns.
  • Each field can have a tooltip and validation rule, can be required or not.
  • Display labels: inline with fields, above or inside.
  • Display any text or HTML code between fields.
  • Upload files selected with a button or by drag-and-drop, set: size limit, files limit, extension types - demo.
  • Attach files directly to email or as links to files stored on server.
  • Advanced spam protection without any codes.
  • Multiple email recipients, BCC, reply to email, WordPress Admin as recipient.
  • Drop-down list of recipients.
  • Automatically fill in User name and email if is logged in.
  • Send a copy of email to sender.
  • Send auto-reply.
  • Select HTML email template from files list or define text email template in configuration.
  • Set custom success message and email subject.
  • Ticket system - adds to subject unique date-time based ID or number counter.
  • Set custom toggler tab name, display it vertical or horizontal or hide it.
  • Track User informations: IP address, browser, operating system, screen resolution.
  • Track page title and URL from which email was sent.
  • Page redirect to URL after sending email.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Page View or Event after sending email.
  • Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter Conversion Tracking.
  • Open contact form with menu item, image or link - click here.
  • Preload fields values with URL or link - click here.
  • Auto-open on page load, or on scroll, or on exit - when mouse pointer goes above top edge of page (experimental, not always works in IE 7 and 8).
  • Auto-open limit count - open for first X-times after page refresh and selected event.
  • Auto-open delay - if not opened earlier by user.
  • Auto-close delay - if not closed earlier by user.
  • Close other Perfect-Web boxes when opening contact form.