WordPress plugin
  1. Installation, updates and configuration

    You can try our demo version for free by downloading it through Wordpress plugin repository or searching for it (Perfect Easy & Powerful Contact Form) in Wordpress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. After purchasing PRO subscription you can download our plugin through our website: and install it in Wordpress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload tab. After that you should recieve notifications when an update is available in your Dashboard.

    If after updating a PRO version you will lose it features and get back to demo mode please disable and uninstall our plugin (do not worry, your existing form settings will remain intact), then download newest version from our website: and install our plugin in .zip format through Wordpress Plugins manager.

    To update PRO version you have to login into your account on our website, copy Download ID and paste it in main settings of plugin.


    Go to Perfect Contact Forms menu in Dashboard and create your first contact form. Follow the 5 steps tabs with contact form configuration and save it. If you have selected to display contact form with shortcode or in a widget, then do not forget to insert this shortcode or create a widget.

  2. How to change Toggler tab height/width?

    Please edit toggler height/width in our plugin configuration > Theme > Advanced > Toggler (at the bottom).

  3. I want to customize the Toggler Tab position

    In our plugin configuration > Location & Effects tab in Position offset [px, %] field input offset value in pixels (px) or percents (%) for example 200px or 25%.

  4. CSS files structure (version 1.0)

    CSS files ale located in /wp-contect/plugins/pwebcontact/media/css/

    background/*.css colors of form background, text
    form/*.css colors of fields, buttons, links
    toggler/*.css colors of toggler button
    layout.css general declarations, structure and positions, does not have colors
    uploader.css styles for upload, structure and positions, does not have colors
    *-rtl.css styles override for RTL
  5. Create your own styles (version 1.0)

    To create a new styles set you have to copy and rename existing file containing styles and replace all CSS classes in it with the name of original file.

    For example to create new style for toggler, copy file: /wp-contect/plugins/pwebcontact/media/css/toggler/blue.css and rename to: /wp-contect/plugins/pwebcontact/media/css/toggler/example.css. Then edit this file and replace all CSS classes names "blue" to "example". Now when you will reload module configuration you will see a new style on list.

  6. How to insert Google Maps into contact form?

    If you want Google Maps in your form, first of all find the address you want, then click on the settings gear in the bottom right (or link icon at the top of the left panel if you are using classic Google maps), select size and copy the embed map code (starting with <iframe src="/...). Afterwards just paste this code into Custom text/html field in our contact form settings.

  7. Setup confirmation email field

    Create field type of email with alias: email. Set it required.
    Create field type of text with alias: email_confirm. Set it to not required.

    In Location & Effects > Before opening > Advanced tab add the following code to JavaScript On load event:

    $(this.options.selector+"_field-email_confirm").attr("equalto", this.options.selector+"_field-email");
    $(this.options.selector+"_field-email_confirm-lbl").append('<span class="pweb-asterisk">*</span>');

  8. Open contact form with menu item

    This tip depends on your Contact Form ID, you can see and copy over these syntax with correct ID number from your form configuration > Tips tab. You will also find how to preload fields and Javascript syntax there.

    This feature is only available in the PRO version. To open contact form with a menu item, create menu item type of Links and as URL set:

    #pwebcontact?_toggler where ? is your form ID number.

    If you wish to hide Toggler Tab or Button then select Location & Effects > Form before opening > Hidden before opening.

  9. Open contact form with custom HTML

    This tip depends on your Contact Form ID, you can see and copy over these syntax with correct ID number from your form configuration > Tips tab. You will also find how to preload fields and Javascript syntax there.

    If you wish to open contact form by a link, then use this syntax:

    <a href="#" class="pwebcontact?_toggler>Click here</a> where ? is your form ID number.

    If you wish to open contact form by an image, then use this syntax:

    <a href="#" class="pwebcontact?_toggler><img src="/..."></a> where ? is your form ID number.



  10. Rounded corners and shadow in Internet Explorer

    To support rounded corners and shadow in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 there was implemented CSS3 PIE. There is no guarantee that it will work. It depends on your Wordpress template and other extensions.

  11. Background image

    For every layout you can select in Theme tab > Advanced settings an image which will be loaded in background of contact form. There are also options to add padding on side of box, so that image would be not under form, but next to it. Module does not contain any sample images.

  12. Vertical toggle button

    Vertical text is an image generated by PHP to keep compatibility with older browsers. This option might not work if PHP on your server does not allow creating images or writing text on them.

    If you see rectangles instead of letters then TTF font used for creation of text does not have your language characters so you have to use other TTF font. Please upload it to /wp-contect/plugins/pwebcontact/media/font folder. For example you can use Arial font from your OS or other font which has TTF file format. Then reload module configuration and select new font.

    Read how to compile PHP with required functions for image creation

  13. Show list of recipients, select recipient with link

    You can specify multiple recipients in List to recipients field and let User to decide with whom he want to contact. Each recipient has to be in new line. Email and name of recipient has to be separated with pipe character |. For example: support&|Support. Do not enter a new line after filling in last recipient.

    You can also open form with link with selected recipient. In second argument of function you have to specify index of recipient. Indexing starts from one. Go to Tips tab of our plugin configuration to see code examples.

  14. Fields

    You can create unlimited number of fields. After clicking on a + button on the right you can add up to three fields in one row. Each field can have language constant in label, tooltip and values because those informations will be translated through language file.

    n some type of fields you can also define JavaScript regular expression for validation rules. Contact form is using jQuery Validation Plugin to validate all fields with default and custom rules.

  15. Email templates

    You can set up a different email templates for both user and administrator in Email settings tab. Choose between text and HTML formats and from various variables to include in them.

    To change one of the default email templates, you can edit HTML files in directory:/wp-contect/plugins/pwebcontact/media/email_tmpl/. You can also create a new HTML file with your own template there.

  16. Contact form is not showing or working correctly

    Check in Location & Effects tab where did you publish your form, if you have selected On selected pages with short code option, make sure that this shortcode is included on your page. If you have selected widget, make sure that it is published.

    Make sure that your template has a standard Wordpress footer implemented:
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>
    If not, then add this code to your template's index.php.

    View page source in your browser and try to find (Ctrl+F): pwebcontact. If there is no such string then one of previous tip is still not done correctly.

    Check if you have not enabled integrations in module configuration and set to load contact form only on pages with integrated extension.

    If by any chance our plugin breaks your website's code – please enable debug mode in WordPress, check out what type of PHP error is displayed (it could be for example wrong PHP version) and contact our support team for a fix.

    If contact form is displaying message: Initializing form... then there is JavaScript error or conflict on your site and it has to be corrected.

    Check JavaScript console in Browser (usually press F12 to display and refresh page) if there are any errors on your site. Check also console with disabled contact form. If there are errors then you have to contact with your webpage developer to correct them. It could also be caused by jQuery conflicts between our plugin and other plugins or your WordPress template. Please try disabling other plugins and checking whether it will work correctly.
  17. I am getting a Parse error when I try to install this plugin

    Please update your PHP version to 5.3+ . Check out our compatibility & requirements here.

  18. Request error: 200 SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character

    If you get this error then please enable Debug mode in our plugin configuration. Then reload the front-end page and try again to use the contact form. You should get some error details in a popup layer.

    This error is caused by a buggy plugin or syntax error in one of the wordpress files. You need to correct it if you can, or contact our support team so we can try to fix it for you.

  19. Email are not being sent

    Please try to edit your e-mail configuration in our plugin settings - try using SMTP or your domain's e-mail - this issue should be resolved then.

  20. Success message is displayed but I do not receive email

    Make sure that you have not enabled Demo mode in Advanced tab.

    If success message is displayed then it means that contact form has passed data to WordPress Mailer and email was sent successfully.

    If you do not receive email then:

    • check your spam box,
    • check server settings of SpamAssassin or BoxTrapper,
    • check server mail filters,
    • check server firewall or other security settings,
    • or ask your server administrator to track email which has been sent from your site.
  21. Prevent emails from going to spam

    This problem is not caused by contact form but by not trusted sender of email or suspicious content.

    In our plugin settings set Mailer: SMTP and setup all authentication details. For SMTP authentication and Mail From use email with the same domain as your site, for example: your domain:, email: If you do not know authentication details then ask your server administrator.

    You might also set in Email settings tab: Send from one domain: Yes, that sender email would be your site and message would be more trusted to spam filters.

    You can also edit email template to make it more human. There is no simple answer what to write to make your spam filter believe that it is not a spam. You have to find your own best text.

    You can also setup on your server other protections like TXT records DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF). Ask your server administrator to help you with that - we are not providing support for configuration of hosting servers.

  22. I have updated Contact Form through Wordpress panel and I can no longer use PRO features

    Please disable and uninstall our plugin (do not worry, your existing form settings will remain intact), then download newest version form our website and install our plugin in .zip format through Wordpress Plugins manager.

  23. How to open our contact form with a link or an image?

    Please go to our plugin settings, edit your form and in Tips tab you will find Open contact form with custom HTML section, you need to copy the code under Open contact form with custom HTML section, similar to following code.

    Open by link
    <a href="#" class="pwebcontact?_toggler">Click here</a>
    Open by image
    <a href="#" class="pwebcontact?_toggler"><img src="/..."></a>

    Warning. Do not copy code from this page without changing the ? character, which is the id number of your form. Then paste it as HTML into where you wish for our form to open.

  24. If I purchase standard 30 days subscription will my form still work after it expires?

    Yes it will, however you only get access to new versions and support for as long as your subscription is active.