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OneDriveOneDrive Gallery & File plugin has been inspired by Microsoft. It integrates WordPress with OneDrive (SkyDrive). This plugin displays a photo gallery directly from folder on OneDrive. Each time you add more photos on your OneDrive they automatically apear on your WordPress website. You can also insert a single photo or a download link with a file from OneDrive. Then you can edit your file on OneDrive and be sure that documents on you WordPress website are always up to date.

DownloadThanks to Microsoft

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  • Displays gallery of photos stored in folder on OneDrive.
  • Displays each photo in Lightbox with description set on OneDrive.
  • Displays a file from OneDrive as link for download with icon and size.
  • Displays a photo inside post content.
  • Use prettyPhoto jQuery for Lightbox effect.
  • Insert short code into post with WYSIWYG editor button.
  • Compatible with Azure - Microsoft's Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Openness

This plugin is brought to you thanks to new Microsoft attiude towards Open Source. Due to Microsoft help and support we were able to create such a bridge between one of Mirosoft leading projects and WordPress. We hope that you will find this plugin useful. 

Inspired by Microsoft Openness


OneDrive Gallery example


OneDrive File example



  • WordPress 3.1+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • Requires a valid SSL certificate


  • Version 2.0.3 released on 2016-08-26

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English, Serbian and Spanish (by Ogi Djuraskovic), Simplified and Traditional Chinese (by lvlcj)


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