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OneDriveOneDrive Gallery & File plugin has been inspired by Microsoft. It integrates WordPress with OneDrive (SkyDrive). This plugin displays a photo gallery directly from folder on OneDrive. Each time you add more photos on your OneDrive they automatically apear on your WordPress website. You can also insert a single photo or a download link with a file from OneDrive. Then you can edit your file on OneDrive and be sure that documents on you WordPress website are always up to date.

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Collected 28 of 500 EUR. Make a donation by PayPal

Perfect OneDrive plugin might stop working anytime, because Microsoft is dropping Live Connect API. If you like this plugin and would like me to rewrite the code to use the latest OneDrive RESTful API, then please make a donation.


  • Displays gallery of photos stored in folder on OneDrive.
  • Displays each photo in Lightbox with description set on OneDrive.
  • Displays a file from OneDrive as link for download with icon and size.
  • Displays a photo inside post content.
  • Use prettyPhoto jQuery for Lightbox effect.
  • Insert short code into post with WYSIWYG editor button.
  • Compatible with Azure - Microsoft's Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Openness

This plugin is brought to you thanks to new Microsoft attiude towards Open Source. Due to Microsoft help and support we were able to create such a bridge between one of Mirosoft leading projects and WordPress. We hope that you will find this plugin useful. 

Inspired by Microsoft Openness


OneDrive Gallery example

OneDrive File example

OneDrive Word.docx (10.3 KB)
OneDrvie Excel.xlsx (7.4 KB)
OneDrive PowerPoint.pptx (32.1 KB)
OneDrive File.pdf (13.5 KB)
OneDrive (183 B)


  • WordPress 3.1+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • Requires a valid SSL certificate


  • Version 2.0.3 released on 2016-08-26

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English, Serbian and Spanish (by Ogi Djuraskovic), Simplified and Traditional Chinese (by lvlcj)


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