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We know what it takes to be a web developer. We used to build Joomla & WordPress websites ourselves. All these tools and resources are the result of our own struggles throughout the years. They helped us grow rapidly. Now they are available to you.

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Create WordPress & Joomla websites faster

There no better acceleration in web development than a useful extension. Here's a couple of Perfect WordPress & Joomla extensions that we made initially for our own use. Being once in a web developer skin we made them easy to customize both in the code and through administration panel. These extensions saved us hundreds of hours in our web development days. Now you can build websites faster with our WordPress Plugins & Joomla Extensions. Some of them are even free.

Manage websites in no-time

Building websites is just the beginning. The real challenge is to manage websites efficiently. We know updates are boring and often frustrating. But lack of updating is one of the reasons why 30,000 websites are hacked every single day. That's why we have introduced Perfect Dashboard - one place to manage all websites. One-click WordPress & Joomla update, automatic backup verification, branded reports and fully automated website testing are just a couple of features that helped us to cut 50% time on website management. Try it yourself!

Stay current with web development trends

Web technologies change very fast. It’s difficult to stay up-to-date with everything. To keep up with this fast changing world we spend a lot of time reading articles, analyzing code and attending conferences. We wanted to make it simpler to share know-how inside our team. That's why we've created our blog, where we feature key issues that helps web developers to stay updated without spending hours digging in the Internet. We focus on well researched posts and often invite other influencers from WordPress & Joomla community. Click here to browse our blog.

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